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CNP introduces its flavorful approach to cream of rice and complementing guilt-free sauces

Cnp Cream Of Rice

Legacy sports nutrition powerhouse CNP is one of the many strong names exhibiting at this year’s UK edition of the Arnold Sports Festival, which kicked off today and runs through until Sunday. More importantly, the long-running brand has brought something completely new to the show and is debuting it this weekend in Birmingham. CNP has introduced its take on a cream of rice product, and unsurprisingly, it has been given a mouthwatering twist with a range of great-tasting flavors.

CNP Cream Of Rice is the straightforward name of its cream of rice supplement, which does have rice flour as the primary ingredient, offering a clean and nutritious source of carbohydrates at 34g in a 50g serving, with under a gram of that sugar, 1.8g of protein, a gram of fat, and 164 calories. To give the product that something extra, it has been infused with the digestive enzyme amylase at 45mg in a 50g serving and 20mcg of chromium to combine and support and improve metabolism and digestion.

Cnp Sweet Nothings Sauce

As mentioned, a big part of CNP Cream Of Rice is flavor, as is the case with many other major supplements from the UK sports nutrition brand, like its signature protein powder CNP Whey, the clean and premium Loaded ISO, and the protein powder ProDough. The options available for Cream Of Rice can be found under some of those other CNP offerings with the colorful Disco Biscuit, Chocamel Cups, the Biscoff-inspired Biscuit Spread, Dough Lightful, Sticky Toffee Pudding, and Vanilla Custard Cream.

In addition to debuting Cream Of Rice at the UK Arnold Sports Festival, CNP has launched its virtually no-calorie Sweet Nothings sauce, and you get a bottle of that completely free when you purchase a 2kg bag of the cream of rice supplement. The CNP Sweet Nothings sauce has its own delicious lineup of options that pair perfectly with Cream Of Rice, hence why they’re sold as a package deal with Chocolate Caramel, a sweet and smooth Butterscotch, and Maple Syrup with half a calorie in a 15g serving.