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Quest Protein Shake gets its first-ever flavor extension in the caffeinated Coffee

Coffee Quest Protein Shake

Quest Nutrition started the year with great news surrounding its protein shake, simply named the Quest Protein Shake; not only did it change up the look with brighter and bolder branding, but it also promised a much-improved taste, which is called out on the packaging of the product. The functional powerhouse relaunched the already great-tasting and impressively lean protein beverage in all of the same flavors with Chocolate, Vanilla, and Salted Caramel, keeping things nice and familiar for longtime drinkers of it.

The Quest Protein Shake is back in the spotlight today as news of its first-ever flavor extension has come in, and this goes right back to the original debuted all the way in 2019, as since then, no additional options have made their way to market. Joining the original menu — Chocolate, Vanilla, and Salted Caramel — is a coffee-themed experience in the Coffee Quest Protein Shake. For an authentic taste, it is made with instant coffee and caffeine anhydrous, so it has the same caffeine as a typical cup of coffee.

The macros on the all-new Coffee Quest Protein Shake are about the same as the other three flavors available for the beverage at a solid 30g of protein per bottle, a low 4g of carbohydrates with only a gram of that sugar, 3g of fat, and 170 calories. The product is beginning to make its way out to stores with some stockists already showing up with it, including the online giant Amazon, where a set of 12 is $31.58.

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