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Reputable brand Conteh is coming out with a clean and nutritious cream of rice

Conteh Sports Cream Of Rice Coming Soon

Cream of rice supplements are almost a staple for sports nutrition brands in the UK, with several of them offering it with their own little spin and approach to flavors. The majority of the time, if not almost every time, cream of rice is very straightforward, where you get a bag of cream of rice for a clean source of carbohydrates and some flavoring. Conteh Sports is one of the few reputable competitors in the space that doesn’t have a cream of rice in its catalog, although that is clearly about to change.

Conteh Sports has shared a smokey teaser image of an upcoming bagged supplement that doesn’t include too many details, but you do get the top half of each of the letters in its title. With a bit of highlighting, those letters become a lot clearer, and the words you see are indeed “Cream Of Rice”. That is more than enough for us to assume the brand is coming out with a cream of rice product, likely involving flavoring, although we’re not sure yet if there is anything else in there as some sort of twist.

All Conteh Sports has said regarding the launch timeframe for what we feel is most definitely a cream of rice supplement is “coming soon”, which could mean shortly or in the coming weeks; we’ll have to wait and see, but it will be interesting to find out if the brand has mixed things up in the area of flavor and formula.