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Ascension debuts at the Arnold Expo with tubs signed by Doug Miller himself

Core Nutritionals Ascension At The Arnold Expo

Core Nutritionals has brought its innovative new pre-workout to this year’s highly-anticipated and hugely successful Arnold Sports Festival with the debut Doug Miller Pro Series supplement, Ascension. It is a loaded product, to say the least, featuring a lengthy list of highlights, all based on what the man himself, Doug Miller, wants in his pre-workout. That formula includes a hefty 10g of straight citrulline, 600mg of alpha-GPC, 100mg of CognatiQ, 508mg of VasoDrive, and the brand’s signature pregnenolone.

Core Nutritionals Signed Ascension

Again, Core Nutritionals and Doug Miller’s Ascension pre-workout is packed out and it is available at the 2024 edition of the Arnold Expo, this weekend in Columbus, Ohio, and if you’re here and grab a tub you have the chance to get one signed by Doug alongside a bit of a message. Not everyone can make it out to health and fitness events like the Arnold Sports Festival, and Core Nutritionals is not leaving those individuals out in the cold, as it has simultaneously launched the premium pre-workout online.

You can head over to and find the first-ever Doug Miller Pro Series supplement and at a discounted price. The regular cost of a 20-serving tub of Ascension is $74.99, although for its debut and in line with the Arnold Sports Festival, there is a limited-time introductory offer, bringing the powerhouse pre-workout down a fair amount to $59.99 in the one lone flavor called Lion On The Beach.