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Another carnitine product is up next from Cutler but not in flavored powder format

Cutler Nutrition Carnitine Liquid 3000

Cutler Nutrition from the one-and-only Jay Cutler, four-time Mr. Olympia champion and recent recipient of the Arnold Sports Festival’s Lifetime Achievement award, already has a carnitine supplement available by way of Carnitine Max. It certainly gets the job done, providing a reliable source of carnitine in 1.5g of carnitine tartrate per serving, and to make it even slightly better in the area of weight loss, the brand throws in 125mg of the premium and proven InnoSlim.

Right around the corner for Jay Cutler and his ever-expanding Cutler Nutrition is another carnitine-based supplement, although, unlike Carnitine Max, this is not in flavored powder. The upcoming Carnitine Liquid 3000 is indeed a liquid product, a common format for carnitine, packing 3,000mg of l-carnitine in each of its 31 servings a bottle to support metabolism and fat loss. We’re not sure if there are any other ingredients in Carnitine Liquid, like with Carnitine Max, but carnitine is the focus, and it’ll be here shortly at in a candy-like Sour Gummy Worm flavor.