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Recently released standard Crevolene gets actual flavors in Strawberry and Mango

Evolene Flavored Crevolene

The first and most recent occasion we featured Evolene in Indonesia was regarding the introduction of its alternative standalone creatine supplement Crevolene. This was and is different from the purple-branded Crevolene that was already on the market as it relies on standard creatine monohydrate instead of high-quality CreaPure. We’ve got the sports nutrition brand back in headlines again, and as you can see, Crevolene is back in the news regarding that standard bulk creatine.

Evolene’s regular Crevolene hit the market in a straightforward, Unflavored option, the easy way to go when you want to stack two or more supplements together. By itself, Unflavored isn’t usually overly enjoyable, but the latest development from the brand is that the creatine monohydrate Crevolene now has actual flavors. Two months after its debut, the brand has given it two fruity tastes by way of Strawberry and Mango, both in 30 and 60 serving tubs, like Unflavored.

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