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LifeAid switches to the significantly more stable CreaBev for its creatine-infused energy drink

Fitaid Rx With Creabev

Functional beverage giant LifeAid has revamped and relaunched one of its popular offerings in FitAid RX, which features a rather large selection of active ingredients, including a full spectrum of vitamins, electrolytes, glucosamine, glutamine, coQ10, turmeric, quercetin, and green tea. One of the other main components in the product is creatine monohydrate, dosed at a gram per can, and it is that area specifically that has been upgraded for the all-new version of the multi-benefit FitAid RX functional drink.

LifeAid has moved to innovative CreaBev creatine monohydrate for its FitAid RX beverage for superior stability and effectiveness. CreaBev is an ingredient from Glanbia that promises significantly less degradation compared to throwing traditional creatine monohydrate into a ready-to-drink product. In the marketing of CreaBev, it highlights that in 50 days, every milligram of standard creatine monohydrate in solution converts to creatinine, while across an entire year, 30% of CreaBev remains stable.

For that reason, LifeAid has switched to CreaBev creatine monohydrate for its FitAid RX functional drink and maintained all of its other primary features, including glutamine, glucosamine for joint support, the three BCAAs, leucine, isoleucine, and valine, natural caffeine, as well as all of its vitamins and minerals. The brand is also promising a better taste experience in its Sour Grape flavor, which is available direct and on Amazon in regular and a no-sugar FitAid RX Zero at $59.76 for two cases at a total of 24 cans.

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