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Fitness Jam Zero infuses jam that has absolutely no sugar with a bit of carnitine

Fitness Jam Zero

Ukrainian functional food company Power Pro has a rather interesting item out this week, and while it is wholeheartedly a functional item being a healthy twist on a familiar food, there is another point to it that genuinely makes it something rather innovative. Fitness Jam Zero is the latest drop from Power Pro, which is a jam tucked into a squeeze bottle for convenient serving, although, unlike traditional jam, this is not loaded with sugar, it has absolutely no sugar or fat, and minimal carbohydrates at just a gram in a 25g serving.

The calorie count on a 25g serving is only four, again keeping things to an absolute minimum, making for a functional jam that goes beyond low sugar at zero, leaving you nothing to concern yourself with nutritionally. Where that innovative twist comes in is alongside the sugarless, better-for-you jam, available exclusively in a mixed berry flavor of blackberry, blueberry, raspberry, cherry, and strawberry, is a small dose of carnitine, typically relied on for metabolism and weight loss, although here it is quite low at 25mg in a 25g serving.

Power Pro’s Fitness Jam Zero is ideal for any situation where you would use traditional jam, although here, you get a somewhat similar taste experience, but without any sugar, low calories, and a pinch of carnitine. The product is out now in the brand’s home country of Ukraine in bottles of 200g, which works out to about 20 servings at 10g a piece, or eight if you want a thicker experience at that 25g we highlighted earlier.

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