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Gorilla Mind Energy Shot starts out with the same four flavors as the energy drink

Flavors Of Gorilla Mind Energy Shot

Earlier this month, it was confirmed that Brand Of The Year winner Gorilla Mind would be turning its hit beverage, the Gorilla Mind Energy Drink, into a compact and convenient shot, similarly named the Gorilla Mind Energy Shot. It has all of the same ingredients and dosages as the full-size carbonated competitor, including 200mg of uridine, 400mg of alpha-GPC, and 200mg of caffeine, but in a pocket-sized 60ml bottle to throw down and experience in a more efficient manner.

There are already several Vitamin Shoppe locations stocking and selling the Gorilla Mind Energy Shot, and you can even find it listed on the retailer’s website. Initially, we had only seen it in three flavors with Orange Rush, Black Chery Vanilla, and Arctic White, but it turns out there is another on the menu that fans will be familiar with. The Gorilla Mind Energy Shot is hitting the market in four flavors, and that fourth one is Exotic Kiwi, which makes sense and actually completes the collection.

We say collection as those flavors — Orange Rush, Black Cherry Vanilla, Arctic White, and Exotic Kiwi — were the same four that the 16oz canned Gorilla Mind Energy Drink made its debut in. Basically, we are getting an identical formula in the Gorilla Mind Energy Shot, and the same exact flavors fans first experienced the carbonated beverage in. It’s a nice and consistent move by Gorilla Mind as opposed to simplifying the combination or altering the options for the spin-off.