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Glitch creates Shamrock Soda for its energy and hydration products for St. Patrick’s Day

Glitch Energy Shamrock Soda

Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day, and right alongside the annual occasion, the gaming supplement company Glitch is releasing a special edition flavor perfectly suited for the day for its two most popular products. The flavor the brand has crafted is Shamrock Soda, a sweet and refreshing blend of lemon and lime, so a full-on citrus experience. It is described as a St. Patrick’s Day exclusive, suggesting when it goes live tomorrow at 4PM Eastern Time, that will be the only occasion you can get your hands on it.

The two supplements Glitch has produced its St. Patrick’s Day edition, Shamrock Soda flavor for, are the original energy and focus-enhancing gaming competitor, Energy Matrix, and the stimulant-free hydration-specific product, Hydration Matrix. Both of those have gone live and become available a bit early over in Glitch’s online store at $43.99 for Energy Matrix and $36.99 for Hydration Matrix. Alternatively, there is the Shamrock Bundle with a full-size bottle of each and a shaker for a combined $85.98.

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