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Original Energy Matrix flavors come to Glitch’s hydration-supporting supplement

Electrice Lemonade Space Berry Glitch Hydration Matrix

Two years ago, when the gaming supplement specialist Glitch reformulated and relaunched its energy and focus-supporting product Energy Matrix, it did so with two flavors in Electric Lemonade and Space Berry. More recently, or more specifically, around the middle of last year, the well-marketed brand expanded its lineup with its second-ever supplement in the hydration and performance-supporting Hydration Matrix.

Since all of the above has happened, Glitch has launched several flavor extensions for both Energy Matrix and Hydration Matrix; in fact, about a week or so ago, we got a completely new nostalgic red, white, and blue flavor named Nova Pop for both of its products. This week, the brand is taking it back to when it relaunched Energy Matrix, by releasing that supplement’s first two flavors but for its electrolyte-fueled Hydration Matrix.

Glitch has already added stock of Electric Lemonade and Space Berry Hydration Matrix to its online store with several bundles so you can try the new products and save some money. There are tubs of either flavor at $34.99, about $10 cheaper than a regular bottle of Energy Matrix, a pack of the two Hydration Matrix flavors at a discounted $62.98 or $31.49 each, or snatch up the Mega Bundle with a tub each of Space Berry and Electric Lemonade in Energy Matrix and Hydration plus a shaker for $131.91, saving of $43.

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