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Go Fitness remakes its protein-packed waffle and promises a better taste experience

Go Fitness Improved Protein Waffle

Protein Waffle is one of Go Fitness’ more unique protein-snacking offerings, with a soft and smooth waffle that actually feels and tastes like a waffle; however, it is much higher in protein than the traditional take on the classic breakfast food. It has expanded into several other flavors since its debut, including a decadent chocolate-covered Chocolate Hazelnut and the limited-time X-Mas Edition specifically for Christmas, blending sweet caramel biscuit and cinnamon spice.

Go Fitness has decided to revamp Protein Waffle, maintaining its signature format of a stomach-filling waffle covered in a dense layer of flavor and infused with extra high protein. The creative company has not said exactly what area it’s improved for the protein-packed waffle, only that it now offers a better overall experience from texture through to taste. The macros are right around the same, with 12g of protein a piece, 18g of carbohydrates, 11g of fat, and 205 calories.

Fans can identify the refreshed Protein Waffle by looking at the front of its packet and keeping an eye out for the callout “New Recipe”. Go Fitness is pushing its improved waffle-style snack out into the market this month in four of its original flavors in classic Chocolate and Vanilla, something a bit more adventurous in Chocolate Hazelnut, and finally a sweet and fruity Raspberry.