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Go Fitness fills a pocket-sized cake with a creamy center and packs it with extra protein

Go Fitness Protein Cake

Go Fitness in Switzerland has proven to be extremely creative and innovative in the area of functional foods, pumping out several intriguing snacks and treats that are high in protein and/or low in carbohydrates, sugar, and calories. The specialist offers chocolate-covered waffles that are high in protein, gooey-filled pocket pancakes with 10g of protein a piece, the uniquely textured and more low-sugar offering, the ONO Bar, and the train continues for Go Fitness this week with the release of Protein Cake.

The all-new Protein Cake from Go Fitness is very much a format we have not seen from a functional food company before and is genuinely different. The product is a soft and crumbly palm-sized cake featuring a swirling and curving shape, and in the middle of it all is a crater of sweet and smooth flavor. There are two options for the Go Fitness Protein Cake; Chocolate, where you get a chocolate-flavored cake and filling, and then another traditional taste in Vanilla, featuring a doughy cake and a vanilla filling.

Either way you go, the Chocolate or Vanilla Go Fitness Protein Cake, they look incredibly enjoyable when it comes to eating, and on the nutrition side of things, it is true to its name. A sizeable 50g cake has 11g of protein alongside 18g of carbohydrates, around a gram of sugar, 12.5g of fat, and a protein bar-like calorie count of 214. Fans of the brand and just functional innovations, in general, can get their hands on the intriguing Protein Cake in all of Go Fitness’ usual stores and stockists soon, if not already.

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