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Gorilla Mind delivers on its promise and brings over more of its original Gorilla Mode flavors

Gorilla Mind Revamped Bombsicle Gorilla Mode

Gorilla Mind had a whole host of flavors to choose from for its original or the previous version of its long-running, well-rounded stimulant pre-workout, Gorilla Mode. When it recently released the reformulated edition of the supplement, the first time it’s undergone any changes since initially hitting the market, the brand only brought over a few of those tastes. That menu included five flavors, with Cotton Candy Grape, Blackberry Lemonade, Orange Rush, Cherry Blackout, and the classic pre-workout recipe, Fruit Punch.

While Gorilla Mind didn’t make its refreshed Gorilla Mode pre-workout available in all of the flavors fans had become used to selecting between, it did mention that won’t be the case for long. It confirmed it will eventually bring forward more than that original 2.0 lineup of five, and this week, it has indeed begun that journey. The Bomb Pop-inspired Bombsicle has been added to the menu of the 2024 Gorilla Mode also with an improved taste experience, and while that still leaves many others behind, like Volcano Burst, Pina Colada, and Krush, the brand is clearly making the effort and following through on its promise.