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Handful of ingredients confirmed for the PharmaFreak and Stack3d collaboration

Ingredient Sneak Peek At Pharmafreka Stacked Freak

The launch of PharmaFreak and Stack3d’s pre-workout collaboration Stacked Freak is launching in the coming days, and while we have still yet to see the complete formula behind the supplement, we’ve got a few bits and pieces today to continue the hype and excitement. Following last week’s first look at the long-awaited and promising product, we have details on a few of the ingredients that you’ll find in the pre-workout, and we can confirm these aren’t all of the highlights.

PharmaFreak and Stack3d’s collaboration, the Stacked Freak pre-workout, will have two premium and proven ingredients with the pump-enhancing AmentoPump and the ever-present AstraGin, known for its ability to improve and enhance absorption for you to simply get more out of the supplement. A couple of the other ingredients in the product we have to share are pure citrulline, the common pump driver at a solid 6g a serving, and, for clarity and focus, a gram of choline bitartrate.

The upcoming Stacked Freak pre-workout from PharmaFreak and the team here at Stack3d is intended to be a blend of both participants in the collaboration, with the familiar approach and style of PharmaFreak and some juicy input from Stack3d. It’s a balanced and well-rounded supplement, supporting all of the core pre-workout effects, and again, it is hitting the market in the coming days, and it is a limited edition launch, with very few units available for and distribution.