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Baiba-Burn adds standalone MitoBurn to InnovaPharm’s basic Raw Performance Series

Innovapharm Baiba Burn

Baiba-Burn is another weight management-orientated supplement introduced today by the team at InnovaPharm, and as fans will instantly recognize from looking at the front of the bottle, it is a part of the Raw Performance Series. That line involvement means it’s a product more on the simpler side of things, and that is very much the case, as InnovaPharm’s Baiba-Burn is designed to help burn fat, but it does so relying on one specific premium ingredient.

InnovaPharm Baiba-Burn features precisely the component in its title with L-BAIBA or β-aminoisobutyric acid, not something you will have seen a lot in the world of weight loss simply as L-BAIBA, but you will have certainly seen it as the branded version. The newest Raw Performance product from InnovaPharm features the premium MitoBurn L-BAIBA, for its ability to increase energy output, enhance metabolism, and improve overall weight management.

Like most standalone, single-ingredient supplements, Baiba-Burn is a convenient little competitor that you can easily combine with any other weight loss products, even those that contain MitoBurn, unless it’s already at a respectable dosage. InnovaPharm’s Baiba-Burn gives you half a gram of MitoBurn in each of its 60 capsules a bottle, lasting you 30 days twice a day or 60 on a single, and the cost is on the premium at $44.99 before discount, at

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