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Leader makes a few tweaks to its Legend pre-workout to create Angry Lion

Leader Nutrition Angry Lion

Brazilian sports nutrition company Leader Nutrition has pumped out a new competitor for the fast-paced pre-workout category by the name of Angry Lion, featuring a colorful and detailed illustration of an angry lion across the face of the label. The rules and regulations in the country are some of the strictest in the world regarding what you can and can not use, but the domestic brand Leader has done a solid job on this one, bringing together a respectable combination of components.

Angry Lion is actually Leader Nutrition’s most premium pre-workout, sitting far above its other entries in the space, including Wild Predator and Legend. The formula the brand has pulled off for its latest supplement innovation comes with 300mg of tyrosine, 200mg of n-acetyl-cysteine, 400mg of HMB for recovery, a gram of carnitine, green coffee, bitter orange, and what it calls citrulline arginine.

Leader Nutrition Angry Lion Label

There is also some much heavier ingredients in the mix like beta-alanine, taurine, and arginine, all at 2g each per serving, to support and improve performance and endurance. Last but not least you have caffeine, which Leader Nutrition has not been shy to push the limits on at 400mg. Interestingly, everything that’s in the brand’s other pre-workout, Legend, is in Angry Lion at mostly the same dosages, minus the glycerol and curcumin, but added in is green coffee, NAC, and bitter orange.

The more we look at it, Leader Nutrition’s Angry Lion pre-workout appears to be more of a replacement for Legend than a supplement to be sold alongside it, although regardless of whether or not that’s the case, the price on the new drop is the brand’s highest to date. A full-size tub of Angry Lion sits at a regular R$217.50 (43.27 USD) for a bottle of 30 servings but is currently discounted on Leader’s website to R$152.25 in two flavors, a classic Blue Raspberry and Wild Green Cranberry.