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Level Up Alchemy’s second supplement is a simpler daily-use pre-workout

Level Up Alchemy Warlocks Wrath

Level Up Alchemy has revealed everything for its all-new and second-ever supplement, which, like its first, is for the pre-workout category, introducing Warlock’s Wrath. The brand is promoting it as more of a daily-use product that is not quite as packed as Berzerker Brew, although it still features some reliable ingredients and respectable dosages. We can’t see it just yet on the Level Up Alchemy website, but it sounds like it’ll be online and available for purchase anytime now.

Despite aiming to be more a daily-use or daily driver pre-workout, Level Up Alchemy’s Warlock’s Wrath is pretty comprehensive, supporting pumps, focus, and energy; however, nothing overly specific for performance like beta-alanine or something more premium like PeakO2. The supplement is mostly about enhancing and elevating energy and focus, with some pump to the experience but certainly not a lot with pure citrulline at 3g a serving versus Berzerker Brew’s 4g of citrulline.

Level Up Alchemy Warlocks Wrath Label

Alongside the citrulline, Level Up Alchemy has stacked Warlock’s Wrath with the common nootropics tyrosine at a gram, half a gram of the mushroom extracts lion’s mane and cordyceps, 250mg of theobromine, 300mg of alpha-GPC, theanine, and huperzine A. Again, it’s not a lot, but a fair amount to get a bit of an uplifting experience, and there is some caffeine, but not a lot at a combined 200mg from two sources in 150mg of anhydrous and 50mg of di-caffeine malate.

Warlock’s Wrath is clearly Level Up Alchemy’s tamer, stripped-down pre-workout, offering something simpler and with a more cost-effective price tag, and it actually has fewer servings than Berzerker Brew, two servings less at 20 instead of 22. As mentioned, we can’t see it on the brand’s online store yet, but we imagine the price will be lower than Berzerker Brew, currently the only product available from Level Up Alchemy, and that costs $44.95, so Warlock’s Wrath could end up in the 30s.