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Like A Pro carries over a lot from the original and adds three new ingredients for Burn Away V3

Like A Pro Burn Away V3

Jeff Long’s reputable and premium sports nutrition brand Like A Pro Supplements has revamped and reworked its stimulant fat burner Burn Away, which has maintained its current version for several years, dating back to the first half of 2020. The product underwent a few changes from the original to sequel, and now it is about to go through that all over again with the introduction of Burn Away V3, due to be available for purchase direct, sometime very soon.

Like A Pro Supplements’ Burn Away V3 carries over a lot of what its predecessor had to increase energy and focus, enhance mood and metabolism, elevate thermogenesis, and support overall weight loss. Some of those continued ingredients and dosages are premium InnoSlim at a full 250mg a serving, 50mg of ProGBB for an intense sweat effect, and grains of paradise has remained at 50mg, although now it’s CaloriBurn branded, not Paradoxine.

There are a couple of other key ingredients consistent from Burn Away V2 to V3, with natural caffeine, which has been doubled in strength to 200mg, Dynamine at 100mg to add to the energy and focus side of the supplement, and the intensely studied and proven KSM-66 Ashwagandha is there too at its effective amount of 600mg. All of those other components from the original are no longer in the mix, such as Cocoabuterol, CapsiMax, and alpha yohimbine.

Like A Pro Burn Away V3 Label

In the typical style of Like A Pro Supplements, it has not dropped anything without filling the hole left behind, and in the case of Burn Away V3, there is a fair amount. There are three main additions to the weight management product, including Advantra Z synephrine at 50mg, a solid one-gram dose of the premium fat burner MitoBurn, and lastly, 100mg of GlucoVantage, a popular GDA, for the purpose of helping your body make better use of fatty acids.

Like A Pro Supplements is known for putting quality formulas in its products, and the fact that it’s on version three for Burn Away, as well as some of its other signature offerings, it’s also obvious how open it is to evolving, changing, and keeping with the industry. Burn Away V3 reflects all of that, with the brand changing things around but keeping the focus on aiding users in their weight loss journey, and fans will be able to grab it shortly at