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Lionel Messi is launching his own sports drink this summer with the maker of White Claw

Lionel Messi Sports Drink

Right when we thought the sports drink space couldn’t get any more interesting with the likes of Logan Paul and KSI’s Prime Hydration having a huge impact and supplement giant Ghost recently getting into the ring, we have what is likely to be another behemoth right out of the gates. It takes a lot of effort to make some noise and bring attention as soon as a product hits the market, but when you have the second most followed person on Instagram involved, it’s a lot more likely.

It has been announced that the legendary football player and, again, second most-followed individual on Instagram — second to fellow footballer Cristiano Ronaldo — Lionel Messi, is teaming up with the Mark Anthony Group, the company behind White Claw Hard Seltzer. The two giants are indeed going to be creating a competitor for the immensely fast-growing sports drink space, designed to support and improve hydration, which in turn leads to better performance and recovery.

There has been no mention or confirmation of what Lionel Messi and the Mark Anthony Group’s sports drink is going to be called, only that it is coming soon, and by the sounds of things, the wait won’t be very long. The collaborative effort is said to be making its debut sometime this summer, which is within the next few months. The beverage is expected to be available first in the major market of the US as well as neighboring Canada, with global expansion following close behind.