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Liquid Death adds three more flavors to its Sparkling Water lineup

Liquid Death Squeezed To Death

Canned water company Liquid Death, which now competes in the world of sports nutrition and lifestyle supplements with its hydration stick effort Death Dust, has added to the menu of its flagship products Mountain Water and Sparkling Water. It is the latter half that the beverage giant is specifically expanding, with not one or two, but three new tastes to choose from for the Liquid Death Sparkling Water, joining the likes of Convicted Melon, Severed Lime, and Mango Chainsaw.

Liquid Death continues the creative naming approach it takes with its flavor extensions in its latest three innovations, introducing the obviously cherry-themed recipe Cherry Obituary, the refreshing Grave Fruit, and the citrusy experience, Squeezed To Death. All of those are for Liquid Death Sparkling Water in its extra-tall 19.2oz can, each of them flavored and sweetened using agave, and they’re rolling out this month, with Amazon already having them available at $13.28 for a pack of eight.

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