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MaxiNutrition puts WHO’s recommended EAA profile in its all-new amino cocktail

Maxinutrition Eaa Powder

Legacy supplement company MaxiNutrition, previously and more prominently known as MaxiMuscle, has introduced an amino cocktail that uses a rather intriguing ratio mostly due to why the brand has decided to use it. The product is named EAA Powder and it does indeed feature all nine EAAs to support muscle recovery and repair, and that EAA combination, of course, includes the three all-important BCAAs making up almost half of the amino content in the supplement.

MaxiNutrition’s EAA Powder gives you 10g of EAAs per serving, and of that 10g, 4.7g are BCAAs, not broken down into the usual 2:1:1 or even 4:1:1 ratio; it’s more precise than that with 2.2g of leucine, half that in isoleucine at 1.1g, and 1.4g of valine. The other six EAAs make up the remaining 5.3g, without any exact breakdown, but the interesting part is the reason behind this precise balance of amino acids, and it’s actually from the World Health Organisation or WHO.

Apparently, the World Health Organisation has a recommended EAA ratio, and MaxiMutrition uses that recommendation right down to the milligram in its all-new EAA Powder. The supplement is flavored with two tastes to choose from in a classic Lemon Lime and a varying multi-fruit experience named Tropical. They don’t have all that many servings per tub at just 16, so not the premium 20 or even the every day 30, although the price isn’t too bad at £17.99 (22.70 USD).

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