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Rich Chocolate Cake flavor added to the menu of Body Science’s competitively priced Whey 100%

Mm Sports Body Science Chocolate Cake Whey 100

The giant Swedish retailer MM Sports has put together another flavor for one of its incredibly strong-selling house brands in Body Science, specifically its popular, high-quality, and reliable protein powder, Whey 100%. The supplement store and brand keep things very straightforward for Whey 100%, providing around 23g of protein in a 30g serving from whey concentrate and isolate, minimal nutrition elsewhere under 2g each of carbohydrates and fat, and it comes in some on-point options, which now includes Chocolate Cake.

MM Sports’ Chocolate Cake is the newest flavor fans of the retailer and sports nutrition company have to choose from in Sweden, for the competitively priced and reliable Whey 100%. This is a different chocolate experience from the chocolate tastes the brand already has to choose from, offering a stronger, distinct, and richer cocoa flavor. You can get it straight from MM Sports’ online store,, at its usual 229 SEK (21.71 USD) for a sizeable 1kg bag; as mentioned, Body Science offers a very competitive price on this one.

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