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Musashi’s selection of protein bars gets even bigger with a creatine-infused offering

Musashi Protein Energy Bar

Australian legacy sports nutrition brand Musashi has a host of protein bars on the market like the Protein Crisp, the crunchy Protein Wafer, High Protein Bar, and the hybrid weight loss-supporting Shred & Burn. The long-running company has added another functional item to its arsenal with Protein + Energy Bar, and similar to Shred & Burn, it’s named after its purpose. Musashi’s Protein + Energy Bar isn’t actually the combination of protein and caffeine you may think; it tackles energy in a slightly different manner.

The all-new Protein + Energy Bar from Musashi gives you a respectable dose of protein at 15g a piece, a little less than the classic 20g of protein you get in most other bar-format snacks, with a low 2.9g of sugar and 6.8g of fat. Where the energy component comes from, or the functional side, is the brand has given the product a high amount of carbohydrates, primarily from oats, and a touch of strength, performance, and power-supporting creatine monohydrate at a moderate 1.1g a bar, well below the full 5g in dedicated creatine supplements.

Musashi’s Protein + Energy Bar is rolling out to its many different stores and stockists across Australia and New Zealand in the coming weeks, and it will be hitting shelves in a couple of flavors, both of which will have those flagship highlights of 15g of protein, under 3g of sugar, and creatine monohydrate. The two tastes the brand has put together are Banana Bread, typically a smooth and wholesome flavor, and a classic Peanut Butter, replicating the classic and incredibly familiar experience of nutritious peanut butter.

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