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Hydration continues to grow across the globe with India’s MuscleBlaze getting in on the action

Muscleblaze Sports Hydr8 Pro

The trend of hydration supplementation has spread like wildfire throughout the sports nutrition industry, and as we’ve said many times before, it is not limited to the North American market. Many brands around the world have coincidentally come up with a dedicated product for the hydration space, and this week, we’ve got one all the way from India. The major player MuscleBlaze has entered the conversation with its colorfully branded Sports Hydr8 Pro.

MuscleBlaze doesn’t do anything too out of the box in Sports Hydr8 Pro; it brings together a variety of electrolyte sources but doesn’t go over the top on total electrolytes, sitting at 267mg of sodium and 127mg of potassium. There are some added vitamins, too, by way of B1, B6, and C, a dash of zinc at 13mg, and in a more endurance approach, the brand has thrown in some dextrose for a mild level of carbohydrates at 8g a serving for 33 calories.

The purpose of MuscleBlaze’s Sports Hydr8 Pro is to support, improve, and enhance hydration and performance, primarily thanks to the electrolytes, and the pinch of carbohydrates should help fuel that performance and endurance portion as well. The brand is not giving fans too many tastes to choose from for its specialized hydration supplement; in fact, there is only one in Zesty Orange, priced at ₹349 (4.17 USD) for a tub of 30 servings, and while that is ridiculously low, keep in mind, production costs and regular retail on products is very different in India.