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Myprotein celebrates 20 years with a heavily discounted special edition Protein Gummies

Myprotein 20 Year Protein Gummies

The international giant Myprotein, certainly one of the largest sports nutrition brands in the entire world, is celebrating being in the business of supplements for an incredible 20 years. It was indeed two decades ago, in 2004, that Myprotein started its journey to become the behemoth it is today, covering almost every area of health and nutrition. To celebrate the occasion, the company has produced a special edition run of its alternative protein product, Protein Gummies.

As you’d expect, Myprotein’s Protein Gummies are indeed deliciously sweet and soft gummy candies that are packed full of protein at 11g per eight-gummy serving, which works out to 1.37g of protein a piece, and that’s from high-quality whey isolate. Due to the tasty gummy format, the brand does have an immense amount of carbohydrates alongside the protein at 22g a serving and more than half of that is sugar at 14g, with no fat and a calorie count of 135.

The special edition version of Myprotein’s Protein Gummies for its 20-year anniversary has all of the same attributes as the regular product, with 56 gummies a bottle, although on the outside it has a “20 Together” callout for that milestone of a birthday. The protein treat is also ridiculously discounted, where instead of paying its usual £23.99, you can currently snatch a bottle at £9.59.

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