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Another Eastery protein snack arrives at Myprotein with plenty of time until the occasion

Myprotein Gold Easter Egg Layered Protein Bar

A couple of days ago, we shared Myprotein’s Easter-themed product with a special edition flavor of its signature snack, the Layered Protein Bar. The flavor introduced was Chocolate Easter Egg, nicely named after the occasion as well as the experience it was designed to deliver. It has a decadent chocolate body covered in crushed rainbow-colored candy, and it turns out the international brand has a second Eastery flavor for that same very functional food.

Alongside Chocolate Easter Egg, Myprotein has released a Gold Easter Egg Layered Protein Bar featuring a similar sort of makeup, including rich milk chocolate but also a silky caramel center, a golden outer coating, and that same crushed rainbow candy sprinkling. The macros on this one are about the same as the Chocolate Easter Egg with 20g of protein, 18g of carbohydrates, under 3g of that sugar, 7.2g of fat, and relatively typical calories at 219.

You can get Myprotein’s Chocolate Easter Egg and now Gold Easter Egg Layered Protein Bar directly from its online store at, but like Easter itself, these are limited launches and are only around for a short period of time with a box of 12 of the Gold Easter Egg sitting at £27.99 (36.05 USD).

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