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Full details on Myprotein’s high-protein pancakes launching exclusively in Morrisons

Myprotein Nutrition Protein Pancakes

A couple of weeks ago, details came in on another food item coming soon from the team at Myprotein called Protein Pancakes. The catch with this one is that it’s not like your typical protein pancakes from a supplement company in that it’s not actually a powder you mix with water, turn into a batter, and then cook like regular pancakes. These are pre-prepared; you simply tear off the seal across the top, and they’re good to go; plus, there is, of course, the added benefit of high protein.

Myprotein promotes its all-new Protein Pancakes as having 25g of protein per pack, although the question we were left lingering with was what are the other macros, as 25g of protein isn’t bad, but if it’s alongside twice that in carbohydrates, it’s not as impressive. It turns out that while the protein is indeed heightened compared to regular pancakes, you still get plenty of the other macronutrients, as that 25 or technically 26g of protein per pack is from an entire stack of four pancakes at 40g each.

Across the four pancakes in Myprotein’s Protein Pancakes, there is 26g of protein, 42 to 48g of carbohydrates with 9 to 20g of that sugar, between 11 and 12g of fat, and 382 calories for the Original flavor and an 8% higher 412 calories in the Chocolate. They’re still better-for-you, high-protein pancakes, but it’s well worth knowing what else comes with that 26g of protein per pack or six and a half grams of protein a pancake, which are launching exclusively at the supermarket Morrisons.

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