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Myprotein continues to add to its line of prepared foods with pancakes packing 25g of protein

Myprotein Protein Pancakes

The international giant Myprotein has exploded its functional food or prepared meal side over the last year or so, with much of that expansion coming in its partnership with the major supermarket Iceland, where there is a large variety of delicious, protein-packed meals. The brand has consistently added to that selection; one of its most recent innovations in that area includes the soft and fluffy American Waffles, and in the coming months, we are getting another item along those lines in Protein Pancakes.

While most of the time we see high-protein pancakes in the world of sports nutrition and functional food, it’s in the form of a bulk tub or bag of powder that you combine with water, mix into a batter, and then throw on the frying pan as you would in preparation for ordinary pancakes. That is not the case here, as Myprotein’s upcoming Protein Pancakes are packets of pancakes that you crack open, they’re immediately ready to eat, and have a respectable 25g of protein per piece in Original and Cacao flavors.

Keep in mind, we do not know what any of the other macros in the Myprotein Protein Pancakes are, which will be deciding factors, as if these are delicious fluffy pancakes with 25g of protein and the carbohydrates and fat are below 5g, this is a killer keto-friendly innovation. Alternatively, they could go the other way and have typical pancake carbohydrates and that bump in protein. All will be revealed later in the year, which is roughly when the brand plans on rolling out its Protein Pancakes.

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