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Myprotein drops a few more meals at Iceland, including higher protein American Waffles

Myprotein Iceland Extensions American Waffles

One of the many awesome and exciting things Myprotein did in 2023 was partner with the supermarket giant Iceland and put together a series of wholesome and nutritious meals that you could simply throw in the microwave and quickly have a protein-packed meal ready to eat. Even more impressively, the international sports nutrition company didn’t stick to a single format or style and pump out multiple variants; it put together protein pizzas, skewers, wraps, and even classic dishes like beef lasagne and chicken tikka.

While we are only a few days into the New Year, Myprotein is already back at it, announcing some additions to its prepared foods and meals at Iceland, by way of four tasty-looking offerings, all keeping with that theme of packing a good amount of protein and remaining clean and nutritious. The list of extensions includes Tandoori Mixed Grill with Rice, providing a hefty 54g of protein and just under 600 calories; Chicken Teriyaki Noodles at 53g of protein and 660 calories; and the vegan-friendly take on the traditional Hoisin Duck in a Hoisin No-Duck Wrap, providing 26g of protein a piece and a little less than 500 calories.

The fourth and final product from Myprotein, now available at Iceland, is something a bit sweeter and dessert-like in American Waffles. Despite the format typically bringing high carbohydrates and sugar, that is not entirely the case here, with each waffle having 6g of protein, more than your standard waffle, alongside 10g of carbohydrates, close to no sugar, 5.6g of fat, and a calorie count of 116. Myprotein does also sell protein-packed ice cream at Iceland starting last year, which would obviously go nicely on top of the waffles.

Myprotein’s newest healthy meal creations, again, are rolling out to the many Iceland supermarkets across the United Kingdom, and they are as cost-effective as the other nutritious offerings you’ll find them beside. Tandoori Mixed Grill with Rice and Chicken Teriyaki Noodles are £4.75 a piece, Hoison No-Duck Wrap is slightly lower at £4, and the American Waffles are £2.50 for a box of six, but they are all a part of the ongoing bulk buy option Iceland offers where you get any ten for £3.50, regardless of the product.

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