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Myprotein gets together with Jimmy’s for a high-protein iced coffee drink

Myprotein X Jimmys Iced Coffee

Myprotein continues to push the sports nutrition and supplement side of its selection, but it has been equally strong outside of those areas, such as its prepared meal line available in Iceland supermarkets, which recently added delicious protein-packed waffles. Another intriguing functional item is coming down the pipeline from the international giant, and it’s a rather unique effort that’s both a collaboration and a beverage, although it’s not for the increasingly popular energy drink space.

Myprotein has come together with the ready-to-drink coffee company Jimmy’s Iced Coffee to create a chilled beverage named Iced Coffee, and, of course, it has the typical sports nutrition twist where it’s high in protein and low in sugar. A full-size can of the collaboration has a solid 14g of protein, seven times what you get in the Original variant of Jimmy’s Iced Coffee, and while we don’t know the exact carbohydrates and sugar, it is said to be low, so presumably less than Original’s 4.9g of sugar.

With Jimmy’s Iced Coffee involved, we imagine the taste of the Myprotein beverage will be on point, especially with the coffee company’s more than a decade in the business. The functional approach is certainly going to play into the experience, significantly increasing the protein and lowering the sugar, paired with a tasty iced coffee taste. The brand also describes this as a chilled coffee range, suggesting this first item might just be the start, and there are other Jimmy’s Iced Coffee drinks planned.

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