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Nexus powers up its hydration product with added Senactiv and creatine

Nexus Hydration

Nexus has built itself into a sports nutrition brand where you can go and fulfill all of your supplement needs, as it has competitors in all of the essential and mainstream categories. That includes the likes of pre-workout and protein powder, as well as weight loss, amino acids, a stimulant-free pre-workout dedicated to muscle pumps, and even a standalone creatine. As with many others throughout the industry, Nexus has decided it’s necessary to have a hydration product in its arsenal.

Australian supplement company Nexus has introduced Hydration+, and while these sorts of sports nutrition products can be relatively straightforward and feature things like electrolytes and nothing else, that is not entirely what you get here. The colorful competitor has mixed things up in Nexus Hydration, still sticking to the core purpose of the space, filling its supplement with electrolyte sources to provide 151mg of sodium, 285mg of potassium, and 33mg of magnesium.

Nexus Hydration Label

Where Nexus Hydration sets itself apart from the majority of other supplements out there that are designed to support and improve hydration is, it has a host of other ingredients to improve focus, endurance, muscle building, strength, and power. That all comes from the brand’s addition of n-acetyl-l-tyrosine, a moderate 750mg of taurine, classic creatine monohydrate but at a light one gram a serving, and one of our favorite innovations in the multi-benefit Senactiv at 25mg.

Nexus is planning to roll out its rather advanced and premium hydration supplement debut in the coming weeks in its home market of Australia. While the always intriguing brand has gone a different route in the area of formula, the way it’s packaged is a bit more traditional next to others in the ever-increasing category. Instead of putting Nexus Hydration in a tub of bulk powder, each serving is in a stick pack with 24 per bag in Peach Mango, Sherbet Twista, and Razor Lime flavors.