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PharmaFreak edges closer to the reveal of its imminent and long-awaited pre-workout

Pharmafreak Stack Freak Fire Teaser

We are one step closer to the complete unveiling of PharmaFreak’s long-awaited and lengthily teased pre-workout, which we now have some idea of the name of. Earlier in the week, the brand known for its fat burner Ripped Freak and testosterone booster Test Freak, shared a silhouette of the upcoming supplement and how heavy each of its servings will weigh. The product has turned out to be much more of a heftier pre-workout than anticipated, carrying a sizeable 20g serving.

PharmaFreak has passed on a teaser that’s a little more revealing than the silhouette showing a few letters of its two-word title. Again, this purely gets us closer to the official name of the supplement, not much else regarding the kind of ingredients, dosages, and even the benefits you can expect from the pre-workout. The first word starts with “STAC” and the second is “FREA” suggesting something like Stack Freak, or at least the second word is Freak, as is the case with the brand’s other products.

To add even more fuel to the fire and build up to the debut of the still relatively mystery PharmaFreak product, everyone is going to get a complete look at the supplement next week. The brand is putting a lot of effort into keeping the front hidden, so we imagine there much be some sort of important detail on the face, whether it’s about the format or formula. As always, stay tuned here at Stack3d for the latest from PharmaFreak, and be ready for the reveal and release of the pre-workout.

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