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Power Pro drops new flavors of Brisee Protein Bar and they’re covered in white chocolate

Power Pro Strawberry Brisee Protein Bar

The Ukrainian functional specialist Power Pro makes all sorts of protein snacks and treats, many of them in the classic bar format, including the Brisee Protein Bar. This one features a dense and doughy body filled with a gooey, flavorful middle, then all covered in crispy pieces and a rich chocolate outer. It is available in a rather tasty selection of flavors, including Cranberry, an all-out experience named Chocolate with no smooth center, just a solid bar, and a classic Peanut Caramel.

We’re putting Power Pro and its Brisee Protein Bar in the spotlight this weekend as it has two new tastes on its menu, both based around familiar fruits in Strawberry and Cherry, although there is a bit more to them. The brand’s other options are all covered in milk chocolate, whereas these two are coated in distinct white chocolate. They are out now and keep with the Brisee Protein Bar’s usual macros with close to 14g of protein, 10g of fat, 13g of carbohydrates, and 220 calories.