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Rebel confirms its second supplement is going to be a high-powered high-stim pre-workout

Rebel Nutrition Teases Quickdraw Pre Workout

Rebel Nutrition is a relatively new and growing supplement company that caught the attention of a lot of people thanks to the loaded pre-workout it made its debut with, which goes by the name of Rebellion. The product is not short on highlights, featuring the likes of PeakO2 and beta-alanine for performance, a solid 6g of straight citrulline for muscle pumps, and plenty of components for energy and focus, including the likes of tyrosine, huperzine, mucuna pruriens, and a combined 375mg of caffeine.

Rebel Nutrition has just shared news of its next entirely new supplement, set to join Rebellion in the very near future. Interestingly, despite the brand currently only having one product available and it belongs to the saturated pre-workout category, the second outing from the newcomer is also going to be a pre-workout. The name of that upcoming supplement is Quickdraw, and thankfully, Rebel has provided a description regarding how this will separate itself from the already available Rebellion.

Quickdraw from Rebel Nutrition is actually going to be a high-powered, high-stimulant pre-workout. As mentioned, the brand’s first product, Rebellion, does cover you on energy and focus with the likes of tyrosine, huperzine, and caffeine, although in Quickdraw, it sounds as though those benefits will be intensified, and the pump and performance, likely lessened. We’ll keep an eye out for more details, but for now, fans can certainly begin the excitement for a follow-up and more hardcore pre-workout.