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Wooooo Energy Drink drops the signature Ric Flair illustration in its rebrand

Rebrand Of Wooooo Energy Drink

Iconic WWE wrestler, the Nature Boy Ric Flair. took his signature saying “Wooooo”, specifically with five is, and turned it into an energy drink last year, and to really make it stand out, Flair puts a characterized illustration of his face right across the front of the beverage. On the inside, Ric Flair and Wooooo Energy Drink also tried to differentiate themselves by combining a rather robust selection of ingredients with taurine, B vitamins, theanine, gotu kola, a host of functional mushroom extracts, and a moderate 150mg of caffeine.

Less than one year later, Ric Flair is updating his Wooooo Energy Drink, keeping all of those same key ingredients like the mushroom extracts cordyceps and lion’s mane, and 150mg of caffeine, but on the outside, the product has undergone a makeover. The brand has decided to change the design of its energy drink, which continues the bright and vibrant colors that change from flavor to flavor, but there is now no more diagonal line pattern in the background and, even more importantly, no illustration of the Nature Boy.

Wooooo Energy Drink has yet to update its online store, where you can go and still see the original branding, although it is indeed making the shift to the branding pictured in the image above. The three original flavors will remain as well in Dragon Fruit, Lemon, and Strawberry Banana, and there is a completely new fourth taste that’s been pictured in the two-part fruit recipe Passion Berry.