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SEEQ is unvaulting its sour and crisp Halloween flavor this coming Tuesday

Return Of Sour Green Apple Seeq Clear Protein

The Vault is a place where sports nutrition companies and likely brands in many other industries send discontinued products, not to be permanently discontinued, but at least gone for the time being, to let fans know they could potentially come back. The clear protein specialist SEEQ is one that regularly vaults and unvaults flavors of its signature Clear Protein, which it is once again planning to do later this coming week with the return of a previous limited edition extension.

Earlier in the week, SEEQ said it would be temporarily unvaulting either Homemade Lemonade, Tropical Punch, Strawberry Splash, or Sour Green Apple. It has since shared the top of Sour Green Apple, clearly stating fans will be able to once again experience the sour and crisp apple taste. The brand spookily introduced its neon green-colored Sour Green Apple Clear Protein around Halloween and, again, it only had it available for a limited time, like the event itself.

SEEQ is resurrecting its previously valued Sour Green Apple Clear Protein this Tuesday at precisely midday Central Time on Tuesday at, and if you’re a fan, it would be in your best interest to be in at that time as the brand is known to sell out of limited edition items incredibly quickly.