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Rockin’ Protein gets in early and shares a one-gallon shake packing 320g of protein

Rockin Protein Gallon Protein Rtd

In two days, you’ll be bombarded with questionable supplements promising outrageous benefits, unimaginable formats of better-for-you snacks, and incredibly disgusting flavors, all in the spirit of April Fools’ Day. Brands within the fitness industry all get in on the action, coming up with some of the most interesting creations they can to eventually say is all a joke, although with that said, there are a few that really push the boundaries and have you wondering whether it’s actually real or not.

Ghost, Glaxon, and G Fuel are on record for piecing together some of the most entertaining April Fools’ Day products, as they were very much concepts you’d put out there to fool fans, but the brands went ahead and made them a reality. One of the classic tactics is to get in early and share a product a few days before the 1st day of April, which is exactly what the team at Rockin Protein has done, posting up what would be the world’s biggest protein RTD in a giant gallon bottle Rockin’ Protein Builder.

Rockin’ Protein’s relatively obvious April Fools’ Day prank promises to provide a ridiculous 320g of protein in its mammoth one-gallon jug. If this follows the balance of the regular 12oz Rockin’ Protein Builder RTD, that 320g of protein is alongside 128g of carbohydrates, 64g of that sugar, 42g of fat, and a mass gainer calorie count of 2,026. Again, we’re pretty certain this is a prank for April Fools’ Day, but we’ve been wrong before; either way, in a few days, we’ll find out as the brand will likely come out and claim it.