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Santini 7 is putting its protein ice cream concept into convenient take-home pots

Santini 7 Hngry Protein Ice Cream

Santini 7 recently teamed up with the dessert parlor Yummy Yorkshire to create a delicious, protein-packed ice cream that you could exclusively purchase from its restaurant in Denby Dale, Huddersfield, and the nutrition on it is not too bad. Yummy Yorkshire is the one that makes the innovation using the supplement company’s HNGRY Whey Protein, and the macros on the treat aren’t too bad compared to other protein ice creams at 11g of protein in a sizeable 100g serving for a calorie count of 145.

The UK-based Santini 7 has now taken that concept one step further and announced it is coming out with its own prepacked high-protein ice cream, as opposed to visiting Yummy Yorkshire’s restaurant and enjoying it onsite. The taste of the brand’s protein-packed treat in a pot will be similar to that of the original ice cream, as this has also been put together in partnership with the dessert specialist Yummy Yorkshire and has a similar mix of macros, including that 11.3g of protein in a 100g serving.

Santini 7 is launching its prepackaged protein ice cream shortly, and it is appropriately named after its protein powder in HNGRY Protein Ice Cream. The product has been previewed in a decadent chocolate flavor, separate from the vanilla of the initial concept at Yummy Yorkshire. The only question is where are fans going to be able to get this, whether it’ll also be exclusive to the ice cream parlor again or it’s going into distribution and can be found at supermarkets alongside the other competitors in the space.

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