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Hydration newcomer Sharkbite puts together standard and caffeine-infused versions

Sharkbite Hydration

The hydration space has absolutely exploded in almost every area possible, whether you’re looking at it from convenient on-the-go beverages to single-serving stick-pack supplements and bulk sports nutrition products. There are brands built entirely around the category, one of the newest being Sharkbite Hydration, which has taken the powder supplement route, specifically stick-packs, in a self-titled competitor that interestingly comes in two versions: a standard and one infused with caffeine.

Sharkbite Hydration, the product is, of course, dedicated entirely to supporting and improving hydration, performance, and recovery with a robust selection of electrolytes. The exact electrolyte breakdown is rather comprehensive with 55mg of magnesium, 160mg of potassium, 300mg of sodium, 70mg of phosphorus, and 78mg of chloride. There are also some dosages of phosphorus and zinc at 70mg and a minor 1mg, respectively, all combining to prevent dehydration, and drive performance and recovery.

Sharkbite Hydration 1

As mentioned, there are two versions of Sharkbite Hydration, one standard and another with natural caffeine at 100mg a serving to increase energy. It has the same blend of electrolytes, so you get all of the hydration benefits with that added energy perk. Each variant comes in specific flavors, with the regular Sharkbite Hydration in a cocktail-inspired Pina Colada, citrusy Orange, and Berry Rush, then for the caffeinated edition, there is a classic Fruit Punch and Strawberry Lemonade.

It is worth noting there are some carbohydrates and calories in both versions of Sharkbite Hydration and all of its flavors, but it’s not a lot at 4 to 5g of carbohydrates, roughly half to that added sugar, resulting in a small calorie count of 15 to 20. You can read more about the sports nutrition newcomer and hydration specialist on its website at All of its products are available through there, too, with its signature supplement currently discounted to $27.99 from $39.99 for a bag of 24 stick packs.