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Skinny Dipped undergoes a makeover and manages to maintain its vibrant feel

Skinnydipped 2024 Rebrand

The deliciously covered nut company SkinnyDipped is indeed known for its various dipped nuts snacks as well as a few other better-for-you treats, including its mouthwatering Dark Chocolate Bites filled with caramel and has only 2g of sugar and its similarly low sugar peanut butter cups. The typically colorful brand has taken the third month in the year as an opportunity to refresh its whole look and feel, or at least its look, as the upbeat vibe is still very much there but the way it’s expressed is a bit different.

SkinnyDipped has refreshed the appearance of its many delicious products, maintaining the variety of colors and gradients spread across the background of its mostly bagged offerings but switching up its logo and the way all of its information is displayed. You can get a good look at SkinnyDipped’s rebrand in the image above, with the snapshot of the items inside now pushed to the top and made slightly larger, then the rest of the details are thrown down below, including the logo and its completely new font.

If you head over to SkinnyDipped’s official online store at, you can check out all of the functional food company’s products, rebranded, and purchase them in the made-over packaging. It’s always good to see brands make a change and evolve and in this case, SkinnyDipped has done a great job at switching things up and putting on a new face, all while keeping its original fun, colorful vibe.