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Pralines are on the way from Skinny Food Co and they are of course low sugar and high protein

Skinny Food Protein Pralines

The Skinny Food Co has proven time and time again it can be incredibly creative and innovative in the area of functional food, not just when it needs to be, but essentially month to month, year to year. With few competitors offering lineups as diverse as its own, it still pushes the boundaries and continues to find new formats and types of products to put extra protein into. We’ve got a preview of another one of those coming down the pipeline and it says it all in its name with High Protein Chocaholic Pralines.

The all-new Protein Pralines, coming soon from The Skinny Food Co, looks to indeed be a box of premium, decadent, bite-sized chocolate pralines, although instead of being loaded with sugar, they’re low in sugar, high in fiber, and high in protein. The brand has chosen to wrap the promising treat in upmarket packaging with a beautifully displayed box that weighs 135g each, meaning you get plenty of pralines within the set, and it has 9g of protein, presumably per praline or serving, not the entire box.

The Skinny Food Co’s High Protein Chocaholic Pralines are said to be making their way to market in the very near future, and while the nutrition and highlights sound good, they still aim to provide that rich praline experience with a mix of milk chocolate and hazelnut. We’re not sure on the price, but we don’t imagine it being on the lower end of things based on how it’s presented, packaged, and produced, however, even in its more prestigious items, Skinny Food doesn’t tend to climb too high on cost.