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Snack House creates another colorful candy treat filled with white chocolate

Snack House Foods Mommies

Snack House Foods recently dropped something innovative and not the functional food we typically see from companies of this kind. The product is called Daddies, and it is a Peanut M&M’s type treat with peanuts covered in milk chocolate and then finally in a hard and colorful shell. The brand has gone and put together a spin-off similarly named, and it has a similar format to Snack House Mommies, which is appropriately packaged in a bright pink pouch.

The difference between Snack House Foods Mommies and the original Daddies is that instead of having chocolate-covered crunchy peanuts inside, wrapped in a colored shell, Mommies are chunks of sweet white chocolate covered in a shell. The macros on the more chocolate-based experience are about the same as Daddies, with 2g of protein in a pouch, 28g of carbohydrates with only 2g of that sugar and no added sugar, and an equal calorie count of 140.

The entire white chocolate body of Snack House Foods Mommies will add a different type of taste and texture to the eating experience compared to Daddies, and it certainly opens up the possibility of other spin-offs with various fillings and layers. The first place stocking Snack House Mommies is the reputable and reliable retailer XN Supps, which sells functional items like this individually, and in the case of the latest from Snack House you’ll pay $3.49 per bag.