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Shaker specialist Sureblend moves over to supplements with a stimulant-backed pre-workout

Sureblend Surebuzz Pre Workout

Sureblend is known for its shaker bottles, which range from basic and straightforward options to more advanced items like the Sureblend Portable Blender, featuring a technical blender-style base that can be switched on for a less hands-on mixing process. The UK-based brand has branched out into the world of sports nutrition supplements and brought its debut to this year’s Arnold Sports Festival in Birmingham, introducing the appropriately named pre-workout, Surebuzz.

The Surebuzz pre-workout from the shaker specialist Sureblend isn’t anything overly complex, it brings together common ingredients for this sort of supplement, in an effort to improve energy and performance for an intense workout. Considering the formula the sports nutrition newcomer has packed into its pre-workout, the price on it is relatively high at £39.99, working out to around $50 US dollars, which puts it into the premium realm; in fact, it’s the same as what we paid for a tub of Supplement Needs’ powerhouse 30-ingredient pre-workout, PR3+.

Again, Sureblend has debuted its first-ever sports nutrition product at this year’s UK edition of the Arnold Sports Festival in Birmingham, England, taking place this weekend. You can purchase the pre-workout supplement Surebuzz straight from its booth in a tasty Green Apple Fizz flavor, or if you’re not in town, you can grab it online at for £39.99.

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