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Swedish Supplements revamps the outside and inside of its hardcore pre-workout The Butcher

Swedish Supplements Revamped The Butcher Pre Workout

The Butcher Series is a more intense and advanced collection of products from Swedish Supplements, originally put together in partnership with Daniel Atterhagen, nicknamed Butcher Atterhagen, hence the name of the line. It consisted of the stimulant-backed pre-workout self-titled The Butcher, the stackable pump pre-workout Bloody Pump, and there was also the caffeinated fat burner The Cutter, which was eventually carried over into the brand’s main selection and went by the slightly simpler name of Cutter.

Swedish Supplements has announced that its high-powered, stimulant-fueled The Butcher pre-workout has been reworked for 2024, although the updates go a bit beyond a reformulation. The product is still very much designed to elevate all areas of your workout, whether that be energy, mental focus, muscle pumps, or performance. It has ingredients in there to support all of that, and the brand has put extra effort into the stimulant department, so expect even more for the sensory effects of energy and focus.

Where Swedish Supplements makes an equally substantial change in its pre-workout, The Butcher, is the branding. It has drastically switched directions on that, moving to an illustrative, character-driven design that’s got a lot of additional color to it, blending purple, blue, and black, as opposed to the horror movie blood splatter and body parts of the original. According to Swedish Supplements, its refreshed The Butcher is currently rolling out into the market and should be in stores and on retailer shelves shortly.