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Gorilla Mode 2.0 brings over its original Tiger’s Blood in a new and improved version

Tigers Blood Gorilla Mode Sequel

When Gorilla Mind launched its new and improved pre-workout, Gorilla Mode, which went unchanged for about five years, the reputable brand made several tweaks and changes for a better overall experience of increased energy and performance, and extra heightened pumps and focus. Another major shift in the supplement was the reputable brand put a lot of time and effort into the flavoring, promising equally impressive improvements in the performance and taste.

Gorilla Mind relaunched its Gorilla Mode pre-workout, unofficially referred to as Gorilla Mode 2.0, in four flavors, all from the previous iteration of the supplement in Cotton Candy Grape, Blackberry Lemonade, Orange Rush, and Cherry Blackout. Last week, the brand brought over another one of the original flavors with Bombsicle, but like those others, Bombsicle was made even better. One week later, we have another option making that journey in the Tiger’s Blood Gorilla Mode.

Simply put, Gorilla Mind aims to take the majority of the flavors it did well in the first Gorilla Mode pre-workout and just make it a better taste experience for Gorilla Mode 2.0. That was the case with Cotton Candy Grape, Blackberry Lemonade, Orange Rush, and Cherry Blackout, then Bombsicle, and today, Tiger’s Blood. you can get any or all of those flavors of the supplement straight from the brand’s online store at its usual direct-to-consumer price of $49.99 a bottle.