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TWP is bringing a cost-effective pre-workout to the UK edition of the Arnold Sports Festival

TWP Nutrition Pre Raw

Pre Raw is the newest pre-workout supplement from TWP Nutrition in the United Kingdom, separate from the handful of competitors it already has on the market in high-stimulant LFT SHT, the packed-out Hustle, and the stimulant-free and stackable Vari. Pre Raw appears to be more of a cost-effective, value-focused offering, relying on a straightforward set of ingredients, similar in variety to LFT SHT and Vari but built for a well-rounded experience.

TWP Nutrition’s Pre Raw features all of the usual suspects for a pre-workout with a moderate 4g of citrulline malate powering pumps, the classic 3.2g of beta-alanine for pumps, and 3.5g of creatine monohydrate for strength and power. Then, on the other side of the formula, supporting the sensory effects of energy and focus, you get a gram of n-acetyl-l-tyrosine, a somewhat light 200mg of caffeine anhydrous, and an equal 200mg of enXtra.

Twp Nutrition Pre Raw Label

As mentioned, and as you can clearly see, TWP Nutrition has designed Pre Raw for a well-rounded pre-workout experience with at least one ingredient for all of the core benefits, and nothing is dosed too highly. That plays right into our perception of it being a cost-competitive supplement, looking to help support all of the areas it can and get you through a workout while keeping to a budget, although a price has yet to be shared for Pre Raw.

TWP Nutrition is planning to debut Pre Raw at this year’s UK edition of the Arnold Sports Festival, taking place, as previously announced, exactly two weeks after the major US one. The brand will have the product on display and available for purchase at the NEC in Birmingham next Friday. Retailers will also go live that same day with 30 serving tubs of Pre Raw in two flavors: a candy-themed Candy and a seemingly Red Bull-like Energy.