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SmartSweets has finally and officially released its Barbie candy collaboration

Where To Buy Smartsweets Barbie Candy

Last month, details got out on a completely new candy from the low-sugar candy innovator SmartSweets, but this wasn’t just any ordinary flavor extension. The product is a collaboration between the creative, functional food company and the iconic fashion doll herself, Barbie. The item from the two is a SmartSweets Barbie Pink Lemonade Dream candy, almost entirely colored pink, and the candies themselves are shaped in the Barbie logo, rollerskates, and a love heart.

After all these weeks, the authentic collaboration between SmartSweets and Barbie has finally become available for purchase directly through the better-for-you candy company’s online store. You can not get individual bags on the website, it seems, but there is a special edition bundle loaded with extras that’ll make it worth the extra spend. The SmartSweets x Barbie Kit comes with six bags of the Pink Lemonade Dream candy, each with only 3g of sugar, plus a set of colorful stickers.

The limited-time SmartSweets x Barbie Kit, packaged in an eye-catching and nostalgic Barbie box, will cost you a fair $20.94. That works out to $3.49 per bag of candy, and you can consider the special edition box and stickers free. As mentioned, the Pink Lemonade Dream candy, from SmartSweets and Barbie, has just 3g of sugar in a 50g bag with a reasonable 130 calories, and despite the candy coming in different shapes and colors, it doesn’t say anywhere they don’t all have the same taste.