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Gamer-marketed shot from 5-Hour Energy hits the market in three distinct-looking flavors

5 Hour Energy Gamer Shot Launch

At the industry-level event NACS last year in Atlanta, Georgia, the energy-shot company 5-Hour Energy previewed a completely new product, or what is more accurately described as a special edition version, with the Gamer Shot. It is distinctively promoted as the 5-Hour Energy Gamer Shot, separate from the brand’s many other shot-style items, although the formula behind it is identical to that of the Extra Strength 5-Hour Energy Shot, with 230mg of caffeine, citicoline, taurine, and phenylalanine.

When we first saw Gamer Shot at NACS, it was only in one flavor with Pineapple Charge, which, as it turns out, is one of three. The brand that has a ridiculously dominating share of the energy-shot market has officially launched the 5-Hour Energy Gamer Shot, and arriving alongside Pineapple Charge is also Apple Bash and Rocket Raspberry. They come with their own unique label design, so each of the flavors stands out from one another, but again, the experience you get from them all is the same as Extra Strength.

You can purchase the newly released 5-Hour Energy Gamer Shot straight from the brand’s online store, and similar to the contents of the compact energy and focus hit, the price is identical to that of Extra Strength 5-Hour Energy Shot. The gamer-marketed Gamer Shot, proudly encouraging players to purchase it to take their game to new levels, will cost you $33.99 for a box of 12 energy shots, a discounted $58.96 for a bundle of two, and there is a variety pack with four of each flavor, costing the same $33.99.