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All Stars expands its Clear Isolate menu for a second time with a classic Watermelon

All Stars Watermelon Clear Isolate

Last year, All Stars in Germany joined the growing list of sports nutrition companies offering a clear-style protein powder with its simply named Clear Isolate. The well-known brand sticks to the usual recipe for its take on the subcategory, providing 20g of lean protein per serving, entirely from premium whey isolate, alongside under a gram of carbohydrates, just 300mg of fat, and 86 calories. The supplement hit the market in three refreshing flavors to start, with Fresh Cherry, Green Apple, and Ice Tea Mango Peach.

German competitor All Stars did add a fourth flavor to the menu of Clear Isolate since its debut in Cola Lemon, and this month, it’s back again, revealing and releasing taste number five for the clean, lean, and clear protein powder with Watermelon. The extension has all of the same quality highlights with that 20g of premium whey isolate-powered protein per serving, under a gram in carbohydrates and fat, and slightly under 90 calories, and it’s currently discounted at to €21.12 (22.51 USD) for a 16 serving tub.

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